Hide Your IP

There are lot of things you can do to hide your ip address, but much of them aren’t as easy as using the proxy service provided by this proxy site to protect your real ip and enjoy your privacy.

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How UnblockVideo Hide Your IP ?

We’ll build a wall between you and the website you visit. The only way to avoid tricks by spies is to always browse through UnblockVideo.net. Surf the Peer-to-Peer in privacy. IPs are perpetually tracked by third parties for all manner of personal information you have.

By using UnblockVideo.net, your real IP address and location won’t be trackable.

Why you need to hide your IP ?

  • Navigate through websites without revealing your identity: First of all, encryption allows to hide your IP address and to stay anonymous when you are browsing. Nowadays, most of the search engines are eager to provide better customer-oriented results at the cost of your privacy. If you don’t wish to reveal your search pattern and stay safe from potential future public discomfiture, try hiding your IP details.
  • Gain complete access to Streaming: If you are a movie buff, and had to relocate to a location where leading streaming sites like Netflix don’t provide access to content, life is going to be bit dry for you. If you are able to hide your IP details, as a result, you can gain access to streaming irrespective of the location.
  • Make maximum benefit of Public WiFi: Performing banking transactions or checking mails through a public Wi-Fi can result in serious security threats. Hackers might not attempt to breach into an account with hidden IP address, which implies that you can browse with peace of mind.