How to Change IP Address online without software ?

An IP address is your unique identifier on the web; you can think of it as your digital fingerprint. Because of this, it’s not a bad idea to know how to change IP address.

Governments and internet service providers (ISPs) can track all your online activities and trace them back to you by looking up your IP address. Even your approximate physical location can be looked up by anyone or any website if they know your IP address.

IP Addresses Explained

Your current IP Address is:

Your current location is: United States

IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is a framework governing the activity on the internet. It enables two-way communication by assigning unique numerical internet protocol addresses to each device connected to the world wide grid that we call the Internet.

An IP address consists of two parts: a network ID (think of it as your neighborhood) and your device’s host ID (think of it as your exact street address). Thanks to IP addresses, computers around the world can communicate with one another. They let internet service providers differentiate your device from the billions of others connected to the web.

In essence, the functions of IP addresses are to locate and identify you online, making sure your device can communicate with the sites or content you’d like to access.

Why You Should Change IP Address

Here are a few reasons why you should change IP address to another IP:

  • Keep Your Details From Nosy Governments
    Governments around the world monitor their citizens’ internet usage to track them. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of exposure in the news about how agencies such as American NSA and British GCHQ have been spying on people all over the world.You can prevent online tracking by hiding your IP address restricts a government’s ability to snoop around in your personal information.
  • Anonymity and Privacy
    With a hidden IP address, your location United States can’t be tracked, and no one will be able to see what you’ve been up to online – all because they can’t tie any of your activity to you!
  • Unblock Websites
    Websites use your IP address to determine your location United States, allowing them to restrict content if you’re surfing from a country where their services are unavailable. By simply changing your IP address to the country whose content you’d like to access, you can overcome geo-restrictions and stream all movies, shows, sports and music just as if you were there!

How to Change IP Address without Software, Apps ?

It’s incredibly easy to change IP address without installing software or apps, it just takes a single moment with!

To change IP address from to new IP address, Just follow a couple of simple steps below:

1.Go to UnblockVideo Proxy home page.

2.[OPTIONAL] Select from what location you want to be seen on the internet by choosing a server in drop-down menu beside.

3.Enter your desired URL and then just click the “Go” button.

This way, the site you visit will not know your real location and IP address. What they know is just the location and IP address of the proxy server you have chosen. All information about you is completely secure!

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